About our
Medical Aesthetic Team.

Our highly trained staff teams includes certified Physician and medical aesthetician certified and experienced aestheticians and a highly experienced team of body contouring professionals providing the most advanced non-surgical body contouring program in the region.
Offering the experience you need with cutting-edge techniques and aesthetician facials and skin care programs formulated especially for you, Premium Clinic provides the latest in skin care advancements for your most precious outer layer – your skin. We strive to deliver Gold quality experience, inexpensive price and royal services.

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most effective care in the region."
Dr. Reza

Our Values.

Premium Clinic, located in Downtown, Markham and Thornhill, provides you the experience with expertise Physician, Medical aesthetician and registered practitioners member of Canadian board and societies. Specially trained, our team utilize a precise and targeted approach to the improvement of our patients skin and cosmetic features. Premium Laser Clinic treats each patient with the utmost care, compassion and concern. Extensive preparation and treatment follow-up is a signature of our commitment to the total care of our patients and their recovery. Premium Laser Clinic provides one of the physician-supervised treatment in Markham for skin rejuvenation, body contouring, hair removal, acne, scarring and all your cosmetic skin care needs. Our skincare specialists are leading providers of safe and effective application for all of your aesthetic skin care needs including UltraShape®, , VelaShape®, Coolsculpting®, Laser Hair Removal and more.

Career Opportunity.

Encompassing all accessible medical treatment.


Your First Visit

At Premium Laser Clinic, our goal is to establish a solid foundation during your first visit. In order to help create a seamless experience, important and new patient forms are provided in the sections below for your convenience. Printing and pre-filling these forms out before your arrival will help prepare you for your initial appointment.


What to expect

In order to provide you with a thorough and accurate tenement plan, we gather your current health and medical history during your first visit. In order to expedite the new patient process, please print and fill out these forms prior to your initial appointment.


Service Instructions & Resources

The following provide pre and post-procedure instructions for the variety of services we offer. Be sure to print them out to ensure the best results possible!

CoolSculpting Form | Laser Hair Removal Treatment Protocol | Micro Needling Treatment

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