Free consultation! Premium Clinic Chiropodists diagnose, treat, and help prevent conditions and disorders related to removing corns and calluses, treating athlete's foot, nail infections, and more.

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Benefits of
  • Pain Relief: Addresses foot problems, reducing discomfort and pain from conditions like bunions or corns.
  • Enhanced Mobility: Proper foot care can improve gait, balance, and overall mobility.
  • Prevention of Complications: Regular check-ups can detect early signs of issues like diabetic foot ulcers, preventing complications.
  • Improved Foot Health; Ensures toenails are correctly trimmed and potential infections are treated, promoting overall foot health.
  • Customized Footwear Recommendations: Provides guidance on appropriate footwear to prevent future foot problems.
Before & After
Here are the methods we employ in our approach to your treatment:
  • Debridement: The process of cleaning and removing dead skin or tissue, is often used for calluses or ulcers.
  • Nail Trimming and Treatment: Proper cutting and shaping of toenails, as well as treating fungal infections or ingrown toenails.
  • Orthotic Prescription: Designing custom foot inserts to correct irregular walking patterns or provide cushioning.
  • Cryotherapy: Utilizing cold treatments, often to address warts or other skin lesions on the foot.


What is Chiropody?

The main form of treatment chiropractors deliver is called an adjustment – a non-invasive procedure consisting of a precise directed movement to help relieve pain and discomfort and restore range of motion. Sometimes chiropractors will also use other therapies like massage, heat, laser and ultrasound.

What is a Chiropodist?

A Chiropodist has specialized training to address conditions affecting the feet and lower limbs, including foot and ankle pain and sports injuries. They perform biomechanical exams and gait analyses to prescribe and fit patients with custom foot orthotics. Chiropodists can administer cortisone injections and perform surgeries for ingrown toenails and soft tissue injuries. They also have the ability to prescribe certain medications, both oral and topical.

What do Chiropodists treat?

They also treat and manage skin and nail conditions such as corns, calluses, warts, damaged toenails, misshapen toenails and ingrown toenails. Our chiropodist works closely with the sports health team to provide care for a diverse range of patients and specializes in the following areas: * Custom foot orthotics * Foot and ankle pain * Biomechanical exam and gait analysis * Sports injuries * Footwear recommendations * Nail care; thick, damaged or ingrown toenails * Skin conditions; corns, calluses, warts * Diabetic assessments and foot care * Nail surgeries; ingrown toenail, total nail removal * Soft tissue surgeries * Custom nail bracing (Ross Fraser) * Cortisone injections * Compression stockings

How is the process?

At Premium Clinic, you can book a free consultation and converse with our professional chiropodists to address any issues you have and want to improve.

We offer Combination Therapy, Integrating Additional Treatments as Needed for Optimal Skin & Body Effectiveness.
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